Executive Secretary’s Notes

The focus for 2011 was ‘Consolidating on Sustainability & Leadership’ of MTN Nigeria Foundation (MTNF) giving rise to its strong governance structure, brand equity and integrated stakeholder engagement platform through the various Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives across the country.  Through its activities during the year, the Foundation made strides such as:

Produced a hard-back coffee table book with a compilation of pictures and testimonies of some beneficiaries of various MTNF initiatives, for increased awareness and documentation of the impact of the Foundation’s initiatves in different communities

Showcased a successful sustainability model with the commissioning of an additional 17 homes built by Habitat for Humanity with contrinutions from mortgage repaytments of the initial 100 home owners at New Karu, Nasarawa State

Improved on our existing scientific approach to beneficiary selection such as publishing of Expression of Interest (EOI) as a selection methodology and conducting verification visits and Request for Proposal (RFP) for the sustainability of our projects

CSI leadership position was recognized by the United Nations at the UN Secretary General’s Dinner for Women and Children’s Health as well as by UNICEF at the UNICEF partners briefing session

Invited discussion on the plight of widows in the country by organizing a well-attended and publicized Stakeholders Workshop on Widows Concerns and Potential Intervention

Increased government stakeholders involvement in the activities of the Foundation

Continued to spearhead the cause of the disabled in the society by distributing disability aids and appliances to the rest of the country as well as graduating the first set of 45 disabled youths under the MTNF Skills Acquisition Project for Persons with Disability.

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